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The Team

We are a specially trained health - Team that is state certified since 2004, recognized and admitted.

Our training: We have been specially trained, interdisciplinary by doctors.
Our task: Our tasks include the treatment and quality assurance of surgeries, medical and therapeutic treatments.
Our goal: Promoting health, easily prepared, comprehensible, uncomplicated and actionable. As well as prevention and reduction of diseases.
Our products: Through our high standards for our products, all products are tried and tested before the publication in collaboration with physicians at the respective target group. Furthermore, they constitute an excellent complement to conventional therapies.

Our Work - Informations

We made it for us as goal, to help world-wide persons concerned from chronic diseases and to protect unconcerned ones with the means of the clearing-up and prevention! Around person concerned to indicate that we know about what we speak and to give unconcerned ones a small overview of the world of the concerned ones, we have prepared an overview which indicates what it will meant to be a person concerned from chronic diseases:

    		    						<h1>loss of:</h1>
    		    						self-assurance perspectives fun relations / partner friends / family work / occupation joy of life ease<br />
    		    						<h1>feeling of:</h1>
    		    						uselessness inability shame powerlessness despair strengthless fear misunderstood<br />
    		    						exclusion overstrained inconsiderately minimizing utilization rejecting egoistically / antisocially patronizing<br />
    		    						<h1>medicines / drugs / remedy</h1>
    		    						<h1>operations / surgeries</h1>
    		    						<h1>Disease changes and determines your life!</h1>

We have been specially trained, interdisciplinary by doctors.


Start of the year 2013 we began to develop concepts with the target of the prevention and reduction of different diseases, these concepts are so compiled that they are not only fast, effectively, easily understandably and easily convertible, they also influence considerably almost any factor in the overview positively!

You now surely ask yourself as we want to influence your losses, feelings and even your surrounding field?

Naturally you be right with your sceptical attitude, we cannot do that, but you can - and we indicate you how! Exactly the same mechanisms which the disease has used to infuence considerably your life, can we use to bring you back in the active, unencumbered live again!


In order to let no false promises arise here, - the concepts are developed to work preventing and reducing, however not healing! Even if some results indicate partly a so substantial reduction that we can speak of a not detectability, nevertheless in the minimum case a increased susceptibility will remain!